Grants for innovation

In 2020 we received two grants for innovation from NCBR (National Centre of Research and Development in Poland) for 2M Euros. We have secured funds until 2023 to provide the next-generation travel search & discovery and other innovative travel functionalities.

With 3 top Polish

We cooperate with 3 top Polish Universities which provide expertise on natural language processing, machine learning, search, and travel. We are confident that the next-generation of search & discovery will fulfil 2020+ travellers’ needs. Meet our partners.

Grant 1

Intelligent travel search system

This project aims to conduct research and development work, which will lead to creating a new, intelligent travel offer search and presentation system based on natural language understanding algorithms. Solutions of this project will use unique possibilities of selective semantic analysis in natural language texts and will be adjusted to large-scale use in search engine.

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Grant 2

Predictive analytics for optimising pricing strategies in travel

The project's goal is to carry out research and development work leading to the development of a unique on a global scale intelligent system of price prediction for travel offers. It will be based on the latest achievements in processing massive data sets (Big Data) and machine learning (with particular emphasis on deep learning).

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