Grant details

Intelligent travel search system

Project Name:

POIR.01.01.01-00-0798/19 Intelligent travel search system based on natural language understanding algorithms

Project timeline:

01 July 2020 – 31 July 2022

Project Description:

This project aims to conduct research and development work, which will lead to creating a new, intelligent travel offer search and presentation system based on natural language understanding algorithms. Solutions of this project will use unique possibilities of selective semantic analysis in natural language texts and will be adjusted to large-scale use in search engine.

Solutions of this kind are not available in the polish tourism industry and are rarely used abroad – with limited functionality. Accomplishments of the project will allow us to work out innovative solutions for an effective travel offer search through contextual and semantic analysis of phrases entered by users and the mechanism of potential customer inspiration, such as semantic networks semi-automatically expanded based on large data volumes analysis.


The project’s goals are to be reached as a result of 7 tasks (total time of the project: 28 months):

ZB1: Generating selective semantic interpretation of the texts from the tourism industry,
ZB2: Contextual normalization of the texts from the tourism industry,
ZB3: Measure of semantic similarity between query and document,
ZR1: Preparation of travel data, development of extended mechanisms for data collection, transformation and extended indexing, developing a system for indexing and searching of travel offers,
ZR2: Developing of a prototype of an intelligent travel search system based on natural language understanding algorithms,
PW: Preparation of implementation documentation, market research and prototype usability tests.

Beneficiary: Q&Q Sp. z o.o.

Project value: 4 428 240 PLN

Funding amount: 3 169 709,75 PLN

Activity: 1.1 Company R&D projects

Sub-activity: 1.1.1 Industrial research conducted by companies