Agnieszka Kukałowicz Featured in “Strong Women in IT. Global Edition 2023”

Agnieszka Kukałowicz, CEO of, has been highlighted in the “Strong Women in IT. Global Edition 2023” report. The jury especially recognized her contributions to advancing innovative technologies and her active involvement in forward-thinking IT projects.

The report is freely accessible on its creators’ website.

A dedicated section about Agnieszka appears on page 176, showcasing her responses to key questions, such as her most significant professional challenges and the surprises she encountered upon entering the IT industry.

“Strong Women in IT” is a campaign focused on establishing benchmarks for women’s presence in leadership roles within the tech sector. It strives to spotlight best market practices for women in business roles and assembles a community of women who shape the IT and tech landscapes.

Activities under “Strong Women in IT” include publishing reports, conducting studies, organizing events, and acknowledging standouts in the domain of female entrepreneurship in tech.

Agnieszka Kukałowicz, CEO of, has passionately advocated for new technologies from the outset of her professional journey. She graduated from the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics at Gdańsk University of Technology, she was a Team Leader and Administrator for one of Poland’s pioneering internet portals and the Scientific Academic Computer Network. As a co-founder of, she has spearheaded the company as its CEO for the past 7 years. Under her leadership, the team has garnered accolades in competitions like Phocuswright Europe 2021 Launch or the esteemed Fifty Founders Battle 2022.

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