Agnieszka Kukałowicz wins the “Rzeczpospolita” Orzeł Turystyki (Tourism Eagle) award

Agnieszka Kukałowicz, CEO at has become a laureate of the “Rzeczpospolita” Orzeł Turystyki (Tourism Eagle) Award. Thus, the award committee recognized her exceptional achievements and contribution to the development of the tourism industry.

The award was established two years ago to honor those who set high standards in tourism with their activities and are committed to solving the problems of the entire environment.

As the creators of this award emphasize the laureates are “people thanks to whom tourism presents a high European level, who with their work, creativity, personality rise above every day, above the average, and their successes set directions and cause tourism to develop.”

The 2021 speech about the award mentioned that “among the people who make up Polish tourism, there are many excellent managers and entrepreneurs whose work often goes unnoticed by the public but is extremely important for the entire sector.”

The award is intended to give recognition to these individuals and to draw public attention to the vital role of tourism in the economy.

The Chapter of “Rzeczpospolita” Orzeł Turystyki (Tourism Eagle) title, responsible for selecting the winners, includes tourism experts and representatives of government, academic and media circles. In addition to Agnieszka, the awardees were Andrzej Betlej, Krzysztof Celuch, Mar Chełkowska, and Wojciech Skoczyński.

The award was granted on November 28, 2023, during the 20th anniversary gala of the Polish Tourism Organisation (POT). Reports of the event can be found on the website

Author: Przemysław Marczewski from the Polish Tourist Organization
Author: Przemysław Marczewski from the Polish Tourist Organization

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