Top 9 Websites on the Latest Technology in the Travel Industry

Tourism is growing at a frenetic pace, undoubtedly influenced by the development of the latest technologies. To stay up-to-date and understand what’s happening in this dynamic market, it’s a great idea to constantly monitor industry information and continue expanding your knowledge in this area. 

How can you do this? Websites dedicated to this topic—technology in the travel industry—can help. In this article, you will find 9 websites where you can access not only the latest industry information but also valuable reports, research, and guides. Check them out, and be sure to add them to your favorites!

1. Phocuswright

Let’s start with the most comprehensive source of information – research. If you’re looking for this type of material, you should check out Phocuswright.

The website offers many relevant reports on the travel, tourism, and hospitality market. Many of these focus on innovations such as generative artificial intelligence, biometrics, and the evolving role of digital identity in travel. The articles and reports detail how technology transforms the travel landscape, from business operations to customer interactions.

Moreover, you’ll also find plenty of valuable predictions to better prepare for the changes ahead.


The creators of Phocuswright have another source of knowledge worth following. We’re talking about PhocusWire, a website that offers daily news, analysis, and commentary on technology and innovation in the travel industry. 

The website covers a broad spectrum of topics, from the impact of new technologies on travel to changes in consumer behavior and travel company strategies. One indication of how crucial artificial intelligence is to them is that they have a separate category dedicated to information on Generative AI.

It’s worth mentioning that PhocusWire is not just about articles. You’ll also find a list of upcoming industry events, and for those who prefer audio content, there’s a podcast called ‘In Phocus‘ that features weekly interviews with travel industry representatives.

If you want to stay informed, you can also subscribe to their newsletter, choosing the topics that interest you most.

Regardless of how you want to expand your knowledge, there’s something for everyone at PhocusWire. If you’re not already following this website, now is the time to catch up!

3. Revfine

Are you interested in hospitality topics? If so, you’ll love the Revfine service, which embodies knowledge of the latest industry trends. The platform covers a wide range of topics, with a significant focus on artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and sustainable technology applications in tourism.

Through this service, you can gain a better understanding of how modern technologies are improving customer service in hospitality and tourism, enabling a more personalized and positive travel experience.

Like PhocusWire, Revfine also features information about upcoming industry events and offers interviews with industry experts—in this case, the interviews are in text form. Moreover, you’ll find a wealth of valuable downloadable publications, including eBooks, reports, intriguing case studies, and more.

4. Skift

Another important site on our list is Skift, which provides the most important news from the tourism sector daily.

To quickly discover the information you are interested in, it’s divided into four main categories:

  • Hotel News, covering news from the hotel industry
  • Online Travel News focusing on information from companies offering online services to travelers
  • Airline News, related to the aviation industry
  • Tourism News encompasses news about tourism in the broadest sense

In addition to the latest news, you’ll also find in-depth reports and analyses of the latest trends, business strategies, and developments in the travel and hospitality industry worldwide. Moreover, the platform’s creators also host the ‘Airline Weekly Lounge’ and ‘Latest Daily Briefings’ podcasts and write a free newsletter that provides the latest industry news daily.

Considering the wide range of information this service offers, one can undoubtedly conclude that Skift is a valuable resource for travel industry professionals and investors looking for both up-to-date data and predictions about the future of tourism.

5. TravelPulse

Looking for even more news? Another website that can provide you with them is TravelPulse. This site regularly publishes the latest news and analysis on technologies and innovations affecting the travel industry. You’ll find a rich range of topics, from new artificial intelligence applications in customer service to advances in biometrics that streamline travel processes to integrating metaverse elements in planning and experiencing travel. TravelPulse is an invaluable resource for those who want to understand how modern technology can impact every aspect of travel, from improving security to personalizing travel offers.

Importantly, TravelPulse also offers a rich selection of articles about the impact of global events on tourism, which is crucial in a world where both health and political crises can have far-reaching effects. This allows readers to not only track what technologies are on the rise but also how the travel industry is responding to changing global conditions.

In addition to news, the company also runs TravelPulse Podcasts, where TravelPulse editors discuss travel news with industry experts. If you prefer other forms of coverage, the website also features blog articles, videos, webinars, and other valuable content.

For industry enthusiasts who appreciate access to continually updated information and in-depth analysis, TravelPulse also offers a newsletter subscription option that delivers daily selected news directly to your email inbox. This makes it ideal for those who want to stay one step ahead of others in knowing the latest trends and technologies in tourism.

6. Blog

If you want to expand your knowledge of AI-related technologies and their impact on the travel industry, the blog is worth following. Here, you will find comprehensive articles and tutorials explaining all the most important terms related to AI, created for those just beginning to discover the secrets of new technologies.

As specifically offers products for the travel industry, all guides and articles are tailored to this sector’s specifics and demonstrate how travel companies improve their services using the latest technological solutions.

In addition to information about technologies, you will also find a plethora of valuable business guides that will help you better understand your customers and fully tailor your travel offers to them.

Our IT team creates more comprehensive and advanced articles and tutorials for those who are already more proficient in AI. These are particularly useful for those working in the tech departments of travel companies.

Moreover, if you want to stay abreast of the latest news from the world of tourism and AI, you can subscribe to our newsletter, in which we select the most important articles and news from these rapidly developing sectors each month.

Everyone, regardless of their level of technical sophistication, will find something for themselves here, so we heartily encourage you to visit our blog regularly.

7. Airbnb Tech Blog

Looking for more advanced topics from industry leaders? If so, you’ll enjoy the blog from Airbnb’s tech department.

Airbnb Tech Blog, created on Medium, is a fascinating source of knowledge about the technologies behind one of the biggest tech giants in the travel industry. Articles published on the site provide unique insights into the technological innovations and engineering solutions that Airbnb is implementing to improve its services and offer users an ever-improving experience.

By exploring the latest projects, experiments, and technology initiatives led by the Airbnb team, readers can gain valuable insights and inspiration. This blog is not just a resource, but a gateway to staying updated on the cutting-edge developments in the travel industry.

8. B.log 

Speaking of tech giants, we have to mention’s blog. There, you will find a collection of the latest presentations, lectures, and articles created by various departments of this service—from AI to product development to HR.

The topics are mostly technical. The blog features in-depth analysis and case studies on issues such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the development of cloud systems and their impact on improving the efficiency and personalization of travel services.

The authors present how uses the latest technologies to optimize its services—from mobile app improvements to advanced data management and security systems. Each post is rich with detailed descriptions of the implementations and the results these changes bring for users and the company itself.

The blog also provides a platform for sharing knowledge about the engineering team’s challenges and technical solutions, making it a valuable resource for IT professionals working in tourism and beyond.

9. Expedia Group Tech Blog

While we’re on the subject of blogs, last but not least is the Expedia Group Tech Blog. This blog from Expedia offers a comprehensive look at the technologies and innovations shaping the travel industry. You’ll find technical articles on a variety of topics—from software engineering and data management to open source and travel innovation.

There’s also a large section devoted to topics related to artificial intelligence, such as how technologies like machine learning can accelerate and streamline business processes, including travel recommendations and service personalization.

This blog is an excellent resource for IT professionals, as well as travel business owners who want to better understand how modern technologies can be used to foster growth and create innovation in the industry.


We hope that the list we prepared has been helpful and that you’ve found websites that will be useful to you. At, we are constantly monitoring the latest trends in tourism and artificial intelligence, which we regularly share in our newsletter. If you’re interested, subscribe today to ensure you don’t miss any key information!

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