Tourism in the Digital Age: How to Capture the Attention of Gen Z

Generation Z is a group of people who have grown up in an era of constant access to technology, information, and the internet. It is natural, therefore, that their lifestyle, values, and priorities differ significantly from previous generations.

If you want to learn more about these young people’s characteristics, preferences, and purchasing habits, we invite you to read on!

What is Generation Z?

Generation Z, also known as zoomers or the internet generation, are individuals born between 1996 and 2012.

Unlike any previous generation, members of this group have grown up in an era of widespread internet access, making them the first generation that does not remember a time without modern technology. As children, they could watch cartoons on Netflix or YouTube using devices such as tablets or smartphones.

In contrast to Millennials, who grew up during an economic boom, members of Generation Z came of age during times of change and upheaval, such as the global financial crisis and the growing importance of sustainable development. The economic difficulties experienced during their childhood, when their parents and those around them struggled with financial problems and unemployment, significantly shaped this generation.

Zoomers are a generation that is heavily involved in social and political issues. Today, young people from Generation Z are already adult and full-fledged citizens, and their values and attitudes will significantly impact the world in the future. Gen Z is also the youngest part of the current workforce, gradually entering the job market.

Generation Z – Characteristics

As mentioned above, Generation Z has grown up in an era of widespread internet access, smartphones, and social media, making technology a natural and integral part of their lives. It is confirmed by a study conducted by EY Ripples and JA Worldwide, which found that 84% of zoomers willingly and freely use technological advancements.

Thanks to their ability to use innovative solutions, members of Generation Z have a range of new opportunities, which they are eager to take advantage of. These young people are known for their exceptional ability to navigate seamlessly between the online and offline worlds. Generation Z is very open to the possibilities that new technologies and rapidly developing artificial intelligence offer. The study mentioned above also showed that 74% of representatives of Gen Z are willing to use automation to achieve their professional goals.

Regarding personality traits, just like Millennials, Generation Z is known for its high level of self-confidence in using new technologies and qualities that employers value. Similar to their predecessors, they strongly emphasize work-life balance and believe that their professional and personal lives should complement each other. They are not afraid of taking risks and strongly strive to be part of a group, although some relationships are transferred to the online environment.

Education is critical to them, and they see it as crucial to their professional development. Most of them believe that education impacts their career success and prepares them well for achieving success in 2030.

Just like for Millennials, values such as freedom, independence, and tolerance are significant for Zoomers They are open-minded but also more realistic than the previous generation. Interestingly, 82% of Generation Z representatives hope to find a job that not only gives them fulfillment but also enables them to solve the problems facing our planet.

Figure 1: Generation Z – In general vs On holidays – Expedia and the center for generational kinetics, “Generations on the move. A deep dive into multigenerational travel trends and how their habits will impact the future of the industry”, 2018

How does Generation Z shop?

Given that Generation Z grew up during a time of economic uncertainty, they are not as spendthrift as the previous generation. Representatives of this generation carefully and consciously manage their finances.

Furthermore, a First Insight report shows that Generation Z is more eager to buy eco-friendly and high-quality products from socially responsible companies. As many as 73% of them are willing to pay an additional 10% for products that align with their values and political beliefs.

This generation values authenticity, confirmed by American Eagle data, according to which zoomers enthusiastically respond to “no Photoshop” campaigns because they don’t like artificial or overly edited images.

Zoomers don’t place as much importance on a brand name or prestige but on the authenticity mentioned above. They want to avoid being perceived through the prism of brands and value independence and alignment with their represented values.

Although a characteristic of Generation Z is their ease of using new technologies, they are not as eager to do online shopping as Millennials or Generation X. Because they are more frugal, they prefer shopping in brick-and-mortar shops as they want the ability to touch the product physically. It allows them to ensure that it meets their quality expectations.

How do zoomers treat new technologies?

It is commonly said that Generation Z is people born with a smartphone in their hand. And representatives of this generation indeed use mobile devices very eagerly and frequently to connect to the internet. They are active on social media, use streaming services, and often communicate online.

According to YPulse zoomers prefer to use YouTube (77%), Instagram (67%), TikTok (64%), and Snapchat (60%). Social media also often serves as a tool for them to make purchases, as confirmed by every other representative of this generation.

Interestingly, compared to previous generations, Generation Z hardly watches TV. They are the only age group that spends less than an hour a day on this activity, and most of that time is spent simultaneously browsing the internet.

Instead of TV, they prefer short digital videos such as YouTube videos or the so-called “stories” shared on popular social media platforms.

What kind of holidays do zoomers enjoy?

Generation Z’s representatives are curious about the world, as evidenced by data on how these young people travel. According to the Expedii American Multi- Generational Travel Trends Generation Z values gaining new experiences while traveling, such as discovering and trying new things. They often seek out off-the-beaten-path destinations and embrace a “you only live once” (YOLO) mentality.

When it comes to accommodations, this generation places great importance on internet access, with WiFi being an absolute necessity for one in three representatives of this generation. Interestingly, free internet access is often a critical factor in lodging.

Zoomers typically travel around 3-4 per year. Similar to millennials, they prefer short trips, usually lasting 3-5 days. Therefore, weekends are a perfect time for them to relax. When it comes to transportation, Generation Z is a group that prefers to travel by plane – a whopping 64% of representatives of this generation choose this mode of transportation.

More than any other generation of travelers, Generation Z is eager to travel with their parents, as 54% admit. Parents are not only great travel companions but also often fund their trips. According to the study mentioned above, 58% of parents of Gen Z respondents covered travel expenses when they traveled together in the past year.

Given that new technologies and social media are an integral part of Gen Z’s life, they also significantly impact their travel decisions. Studies confirm that 67% use smartphones to find travel inspiration, while 36% choose their travel destinations based on posts published on social media. They usually find inspiration on Facebook (64%), Instagram (46%), and Twitter (35%).

Gen Z is also the group that most often uses search engines when looking for their dream trips, compared to other generations. Studies show that the majority of them (53%) do so. It is an aspect that sets them apart from older generations, who usually start by checking specific travel agency websites.

How to prepare an offer tailored to zoomers?

Knowing the characteristic features of zoomers, their travel preferences, and purchasing behavior, you can prepare an ideal travel offer for them. Below, we have prepared a few tips to consider in this process.

Make your website mobile-friendly

Zoomers often use their smartphones to find travel inspiration, so you should adjust your website or app to be user-friendly for mobile devices.

Improve your website’s position in search engines

Representatives of Generation Z usually start looking for travel inspiration through search engines. Even if your company is not popular, it is an ample opportunity you cannot afford to miss. If you want to reach this group of customers, invest in SEO efforts. Looking long-term, investing in this area may prove more effective than paid advertising.

Represent values that resonate with representatives of Generation Z

Generation Z places great importance on purchasing from companies with similar values. They pay particular attention to environmental protection and sustainability issues, so if your company represents identical values, highlight this information. You can also try to prepare specific travel offers from this perspective, for example, by selecting the most environmentally friendly means of transportation, eco-friendly hotels, and so on.

Be active on social media

As we mentioned above, social media is an integral part of the lives of the younger generation, so if you want to attract customers from Generation Z, your company should actively maintain accounts on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook. It would be best if you also considered creating an account on YouTube. However, remember to ensure that your content is tailored to this generation’s specific characteristics and doesn’t come across as too odd. The best option would be to engage their peers in such projects.

Collaborate with influencers

Generation Z, like no other, is susceptible to the influence of their idols. On the internet, you can find many travel influencers willing to collaborate and help promote your travel offer through their social media reach. If you’re starting a business, remember that you don’t have to start with huge, high-budget contracts with people with millions of followers. Sometimes it’s worth collaborating with smaller personal brands that can be much more engaged in this collaboration.

Try unconventional solutions

In contrast to millennials, zoomers are not so interested in prestige as authenticity and experiencing new things. When creating travel offers for this group, don’t focus on luxury as much as on trips that offer a chance to explore something unknown and unconventional. For example, instead of offering them a luxurious hotel, it’s worth recommending something more original, like glamping or a treehouse.

Use AI and automation

As befits a generation that grew up in an age of widespread access to modern technologies, Generation Z is eager to use innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence. It is a big clue for companies that want to reach this generation with their offer. Nowadays, there are many possibilities when it comes to the use of AI in business, including the tourism industry. Examples could be chatbots that help find the ideal travel or intelligent search engines like Thanks to these solutions, your clients will quickly receive interesting information and stay with you longer.

Increase conversion among Generation Z customers with AI-powered search engine

Thanks to innovative products that make it easier to find a dream trip, you can improve your customers’ experiences regardless of the generation they represent.

If you want to implement this type of solution in your business, schedule a demo and learn how our intelligent search engine can help your company.

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