Conference “Digitization of the Tourism Industry”: How AI and New Technologies are Transforming Tourism

On March 20, 2023, the “Digitization of the Tourism Industry” conference was held at the International Travel & Tourism Fair (ITTF).

It was an excellent opportunity to discuss many topics, such as whether the tourism industry will follow the e-commerce path and become entirely online.

There were also discussions about ChatGPT, which has recently caused a great stir worldwide. Interestingly, in the tourism industry, issues related to the possibilities offered by this tool went almost unnoticed.

Although the use of artificial intelligence in their systems still seems distant to many tourism companies, our team tried to bring this topic closer and show AI’s enormous benefits and applications. During the event, we gave a lecture, during which we had the pleasure of presenting our proprietary solution – Search It was a great opportunity to show how this powerful technology changes the market and can streamline almost any tourism company.

It was the first such event in the industry, but considering the level of expertise and knowledge of the experts who participated, we hope it will not be the last.

Many great companies and organizations contributed to creating this unique event, such as:

We would like to thank everyone we met and talked to!

See you next year!

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