November presentation of at Ptak Warsaw Expo

This year, for the first time, we have taken part in the TT Warsaw – International Tourism Fair. We have showcased, both to the industry and to our commercial audience, the technological innovations that we have been working on daily for more than two years.

The interest of our visitors has been sparked by our search engine, which is based on artificial intelligence (AI) mechanisms. We have been delighted to see such a large turnout, and have been uplifted by the openness and curiosity that visitors showed about our solutions.

We have prepared and presented two applications for educational purposes:

– Search – demonstrating the analytical capabilities of AI and the perfectly matched results by working on real examples of queries posed to the search engine;

– Dashboard – a detailed and multidimensional analytical image of our search engine, providing the administrator with the most frequent queries, the number of users, filters used, etc.

Since the very beginning of our activity, we have been organizing, assimilating, and spreading knowledge about the positive impact of AI on the development of tourism. Our goal is to solve the problems of our customers and to build a tool that allows them to simplify and accelerate the process of purchasing a travel service.

TT Warsaw is one of the two largest tourism industry events in Poland. This year’s 29th edition was held November 23-25 at Ptak Expo Warsaw. The organizers report that the 2021 event attracted more than 20,000 visitors from Poland and from abroad.

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